Excessive stress in the leads to depression: Aditi Govitrikar


The actor, supermodel, medical doctor and psychologist, in a nutshell, the superwoman, Aditi Govitrikar is famous for her delicate psychological analysis and advice, for a long time. This ‘Beauty with Brains’, as described by Hindusthan Times, also frequently conducts live sessions on social media to interact with her followers directly to help them with their mental issues.
In a recent talk, Aditi has expressed her concern about the people who work in the film industry. Aditi said, “I believe, excessive work-stress in the film industry results in depression among the cast and crew. It actually disturbs the organic routine and health which in turn affects their well-being”.
Aditi, who has extensively worked in films like Thammudu (1999), Soch (2002), Paheli (2005), De Dana Dan (2009), Bheja Fry 2 (2011), Hum Tum Shabana (2011), Koi Jaane na ( to be released on 2019) and many others, is familiar with the work-pressure of the Indian film industry for a long time. Being a medical doctor, of course, the psychological pressure of her fellow colleagues from the industry doesn’t get unnoticed by Aditi.
Aditi added, “The depression or mental health issues, one may seem to be adjusted as of now, but, if not taken care properly, it can be proved as fatal in long run. So a well-maintained work-life balance is an urgent need for everyone working in the industry”. Dr. Govitrikar has always been recognized for her enthusiastic health concerns not only for human beings but for animals, too, as she is actively involved with PETA (People for Ethical Treatments of Animals). Now, the thing to check is whether Aditi’s insightful analysis on the depression of people working in the film industry changes their work-routine.