Laxmmi name change

‘Laxmmi Bomb’ Changes To ‘Laxmii’


Bollywood and controversy go hand-in-hand, more so if the film has a big star attached to it. Akshay Kumar recently tasted the bitter pill when some Hindu groups issued concern saying the name of his latest film, ‘Laxmmi Bomb’ insults the Hindu community and hence must be changed. They stated that people worship Goddess Laxmi in their culture and attaching the word ‘Bomb’ in the title ‘Laxmmi Bomb’ hurts religious sentiments. Wasting no time and not wanting another controversy during the current market scenario, the producers and Akki were quick to change the title to ‘Laxmii’, dropping the word ‘Bomb’ altogether. Interestingly, they also changed the spelling of the name in the process, much like Ekta Kapoor who strongly believes in numerology. Tusshar Kapoor is one of the producers of ‘Laxmii’.