‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’ Movie Review


Anand L.Rai & Krishka Lulla present another winner.

Quite a few times, more so in 2017, we have realised that the beauty of cinema, is not in presenting stars in beautiful international locations and make them look good, the real fun of movie watching is when you come back either with a thrill of a whodunit, a tear for the heart or a smile after seeing something rib tickling. Once you leave the theatres after this film, you are bound to have neither of the above, cos you won’t be walking out, you will be crawling yourself from the aisles that you fell off laughing during the film, and still move out with a grin as the Cheshire cat from Alice….

Directed by R.S. Prasanna, who wrote and directed the Tamil original too in 2013, the film’s dialogues and screenplay are credited to Hitesh Kewalya. Sheer Masterpiece!  Yes, towards the climax the film has its OMG moments, but the scene stealer of the film is the smart, intelligent and crisp writing. At 105 minutes, there is so much happening from the word go that you will actually enjoy the interval for stepping out for that coffee/ loo break.

Bhumi Pednekar is very good, but her character does seem similar to what she did in Toilet.

Ayushmann on the other hand, in a second outing in as many months (please ignore that stupid Bindu flick with that chopra girl) proves that he can be as versatile as the writers want him to be. Starting off with Vicky Donor 5 years ago, he presents himself beautifully in this film, which could be considered his ‘organic growth’ in terms of cinema… brilliant performance and especially when he doesn’t have a Rajkumaar Rao to steal the scene, all the more better for him. He captures the essence of the Sharma from Gurgaon, who has put his ‘resum’ out and will be shifting jobs soon. The monologue in the end, again brilliant.

Neeraj Sud as the father of the bride along with Seema Pahwa, are the people who not only steal your hearts but also will kill you laughing. Progressive and principled in their approach towards their daughter, his entire act of convincing his daughter to run away will have you in rooting for him forever.

Brijendra Kalra too is a class apart as the competitive uncle. Gopal Dutt in his cameo is again brilliant.

Anshul Chauhan as Gini and Supriya Shukla as Mudit’s mother are good.

The film owes its entire success to the sheer brilliance of writing and direction. So Hitesh and Prasanna, both of you, take a bow. Remaking a South Indian comedy with north Indian sensibilities is no small feat, take Son of Sardar for example. Taking a subject as taboo as this, presenting it in a movie format and that too one which will be universally accepted without being preachy, vulgar or in your face; hats off!

The only part where I felt the film shifted from its core and reality touch was the climax. The cameo in the end and the cable car sequence, was completely uncalled for.

The dialogues of the film are something which will definitely make you want to come back to see this movie again. And I am sure you are going to see Ali Baba in a new light, henceforth.

Obviously the second half of the year seems to have better products, that too from not the NRI pleasing production houses. The quality of cinema is coming from where it is meant to …. The heart of India.

You are still reading, have you not booked your tickets yet?

Rating:  4/5

By: Yusuf Poonawala