Himesh Reshammiya already making big bucks?


After a long period of oblivion, Bollywood composer-singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya is back to woo his fans with ‘Terra Surroor’. Himesh has not just acted in the film, but has also composed the music. The actor managed to make the film in a restricted budget and is now on his way to ringing in the profits. The music of the film is receiving a lot of applause. The buzz the film has created, has made ‘Tera Surroor’ popular among the distributors as well. Experts are of the opinion that Himesh Reshammiya’s well planned decision and ideal budget will have the film recover its production costs well in advance. ‘Terra Surroor’ is set to release on March 11 and if it hits the right note with the audiences then Himesh Reshammiya will be on his way to collecting big monies at the box office.