What is AVS?
AVS – Asian Variety Show is a weekly capsule that encompasses the best of Bollywood and beyond. Established in North America in 1987, AVS TV Network has been leading the way in providing top quality entertainment to millions of viewers hungry for Bollywood entertainment. Each episode is produced in English so people from around the world can enjoy what the South Asian community has come to love.

What can AVS do for you?
With Bollywood expanding to a global audience, there is an increased demand for top quality entertainment shows that keep viewers informed and educated. AVS is the industry leader in providing the best Bollywood content with an international flare. We’ve got crews in New York, Los Angeles, Canada, London and of course, Mumbai, India that cover all the major entertainment news stories. AVS is the perfect vehicle to reach the South Asian community and beyond.

Key benefits:

  • AVS is one of the FIRST and continuously growing South Asian Entertainment networks in North America.
  • Over 25 Years of market study, viewer loyalty and programming evolvement. We continuously make improvements to our content based on viewer feedback / changing viewing habits / availability of new technologies and platforms.
  • One of the few, if not the ONLY South Asian Network to utilize all platforms such as television, web, email, social media and mobile devices to promote your business. Customize your campaign to suit your budget.
  • Since AVS is broadcast at a set time every week, EACH EPISODE is PRIME TIME. Comparison would be Entertainment Tonight (Nationally syndicated 30 min episode) vs. E! (24 hrs cable).
  • Unlike other 24 hour South Asian Channels, AVS is completely FREE on ALL PLATFORMS with NO SUBSCRIPTION to any package. We have strategically partnered with top mainstream broadcast channels in key populated areas like NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE, LA, SFO, Chicago, Denver & Atlanta to reach the masses simultaneously through over-the-air digital broadcast, cable, Dish Network, Direct tv & Fios.

The lowdown:

  • Two decades of experience
  • State of the art Bollywood programming
  • New episodes every week (30min or 60min)
  • Presented in English to reach a mass audience

It’s exciting * It’s informative * It’s affordable!

For special package deals, rate card & info: Tel 609.598.5269 or email: avstvshow@aol.com