Priyanka Chopra charges this much per Instagram post!


Bollywood celebrities’ sponsored posts and promoting a brand on their various social media platforms are nothing new. Priyanka Chopra Jonas seems to have emerged a winner in this. Priyanka, who is super-active on Twitter and Instagram, allegedly charges nearly Rs 2 crore per post on the latter! According to the Instagram planning and scheduling tool Hopper HQ, Piggy Chops charges, on an average, USD 2,71,000 per Insta post as her paid campaigns. This roughly translates to Rs 1,87,000,00 according to the current conversion rate. While this is being written, the actress enjoys a massive following of 43.4 million on the social networking platform, which recently released its Instagram Rich List 2019. Priyanka’s earning big on Instagram seems to be the classic case of making hay while the sun shine