​Sonu Nigam afraid of getting typecast


Sonu Nigam has made his place in Bollywood, having belted out some of the biggest hits of the decade. Despite spending considerable amount of time in the industry, the singer admits to the fear of being typecast in Bollywood. He said, “You get typecast here. If you sing a certain version then people think you can only sing such songs. If my number ‘Sandese Aate Hain’ becomes a hit then I am offered only patriotic songs.” Sonu went on to credit his rise to fame to Subhash Ghai, “After the songs in ‘Pardes’, people thought that I can sing different kinds too. So the level of versatility is very big, I would say that Subhashji has contributed largely. ‘Sandese Aate Hain’ was a huge hit, but had there been no ‘Pardes’, I would not have got so many opportunities.”