Aastha Gill Crazy Lady

The 2020 Self-Love Anthem!

Owning your crazy has been the mood of the decade. Embodying that very spirit, Sony Music India releases Aastha Gill’s unique self-love anthem ‘Crazy Lady’. This empowering song is about loving yourself and paying no heed to the detractors who shame you for being crazy.

Composed by Charan and Kanika and penned by them both with Aastha Gill, ‘Crazy Lady’ is an attention arresting song with eye-popping visuals. What’s commendable about the single is that it has been created keeping international standards in mind with a desi touch which is unique to Aastha as a performer. The video is vibrant, bold, colourful, high on fashion and powered with Gill’s determination to remain insane. The song is touted to perform well over streaming platforms, given Aastha’s chartbusters such as Buzz, DJ Waley Babu, Naagin and Kamariya in the past.

Ecstatic at the release of the song, Aastha says, “The birth of this song comes from my journey of learning to love myself. I am super excited that this song is out. I hope it acts as a catalyst of change and enables people to embrace their crazy side. This song is about celebrating eccentricity and it would be awesome if we moved into 2021 with this spirit. A huge shout-out to Sony Music India for nurturing my crazy.”

Presented by Sony Music India, composed by Charan and Kanika, penned by them both and Aastha Gill and rendered by the latter, ‘Crazy Lady’ is now available on all streaming platforms.