5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kunal Kapoor


What makes Kunal Kapoor one of the most interesting actors in Bollywood is not only the characters he plays, but also his interests outside the movies. A life that extends far beyond the silver screen into a realm of diverse passions and ventures. Here are five intriguing facets of his life that illuminate his adventurous spirit:

1. Technology Maven: Beyond acting, Kunal Kapoor is deeply engrossed in the world of technology. He co-founded one of Asia’s largest crowdfunding platforms and actively invests in startups, ranging from robotics to space tech. His social media often showcases his enthusiasm for these ventures.

2. Racing Aficionado: Fueling his adrenaline, Kunal Kapoor is an avid rally driver who honed his skills under India’s top rally drivers. He’s taken part in rallies across Europe and trained for Formula Three in Abu Dhabi, mentored by Gianluca de Lorenzi, a key figure from Michael Schumacher’s team.

3. Passionate Writer: The art of storytelling captivates Kapoor deeply. He not only acts but also writes scripts, with plans to star in and produce them. His debut as a co-writer was in the beloved indie hit “Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana,” We look forward to see his stories come to life.

4. Aviation Enthusiast: Since obtaining his private pilot’s license in 2010, Kunal Kapoor has been immersed in aviation. Whenever possible, he indulges his passion for flying, aspiring to traverse the country in his Cessna plane—a dream that fuels his adventurous spirit.

5. Comic Book Collector: A lifelong passion for comic books has seen Kapoor amass a remarkable collection, including rare editions. His love for this genre was further highlighted when he was set to portray Doga, a beloved Indian superhero from a popular comic series.

In essence, Kunal Kapoor emerges not just as a Bollywood luminary but as a multifaceted individual whose life outside movies brims with daring pursuits and creative endeavors.