Aamir Khan’s spicy sojourn in Malta!


Aamir Khan and the team of ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ travelled to Malta recently to shoot some high octane action sequences in the picturesque, virginal European island nation. Interestingly, Malta has a unique connection to India which intrigued Aamir Khan to undertake a detour while shooting. A source from the film’s unit revealed, “Malta is home to Camino Island, the name comes from cumin – a term to denote Jeera, the Indian spice. In the late medieval era, when the spice trade with India had picked up pace with Spain, the Netherlands and rest of Europe, Indian spices were traded at extremely high prices and were sought after. As Malta was an outpost for this trade, cumin became a reference point for such trading ships. This unique bit of history intrigued Victor and Aamir a fair bit. Always a history buff, Aamir actually made a trip to this lagoon, a popular local holiday spot, to see it and explore on foot.” For now, Aamir is back in Mumbai and promises an entertaining adventure in high seas, shot on coast of Malta, Europe.