Ajay Devgn Says ‘Singham Again’ Script is FIRE!


The dynamic combo of Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty seem to be getting ready for another hit. No wonder then that their fans eagerly wait for their upcoming films with bated breath. In what can be considered as a good news, Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty announced the beginning of ‘Singham Again’. Revealing the same, Ajay Devgn posted, “Made a good start to the New Year with Rohit Shetty’s narration of ‘Singham Again’. The script I heard is fire. God willing, this will be our 11th blockbuster.” ‘Singham Again’ is the third film in the franchise, starting with ‘Singham’ and ‘Singham Returns’ in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Both the flicks went on to be superhits and since then, the director has carried-on with turning his cop universe into franchises.