Arjun Kapoor: Every man should be ashamed


A very unfortunate rape took place in the capital recently and Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor reacted strongly against it, “Every man should be ashamed of himself. Our country is only being known for incidents like these. It is such a sad thing that has happened, and yet again. Whenever we talk about taking the country ahead and do something better for the nation, one such incident comes along and shows us our place.” Arjun even blamed the men in the country over their disrespect for women. “The government has to keep checks on the men, obviously there is negligence. For us, it is humiliating who represent the youth, our society and our thinking. It is about respecting women, and half of men in India don’t know that. It is one of those few days when I don’t feel proud to be a part of this country,” added the actor.