THE BLACK PRINCE Available on Digital & DVD on April 10th

To commemorate Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month (April) and to celebrate the harvest festival of Vaisakhi (April 14th), Hollywood-based production, distribution and marketing studio, UniGlobe Entertainment, releases THE BLACK PRINCE on digital platforms and DVD on April 10th in English, Hindi and Punjabi (watch trailer HERE).
The critically-acclaimed film stars veteran actress Shabana Azmi (left) as Rani Jindan, the exiled King’s mother, and acclaimed singer-poet ‪Satinder Sartaaj (right) who makes his acting debut in the film as Maharajah Duleep Singh.
UniGlobe Entertainment has a special focus in producing, distributing and marketing social awareness projects. Their next project, titled 5 WEDDINGS, stars Rajkummar Rao and Nargis Fakhri and will be associate produced by Firdaus Productions, also the Executive Producer of THE BLACK PRINCE. However, UniGlobe Entertainment and Firdaus Productions originally met to discuss making a film about a Sikh immigrant who moved to America in the 1920s. That film, yet to be titled, will most likely star Sartaaj and Fakhri, who recently appeared in a music video together titled TERE VAASTEY.

Jasjeet Singh, President of Firdaus Productions: “Talk about divine intervention. Some things are just meant to be, and we are excited to collaborate with UniGlobe on not ONE, but THREE projects back-to-back.”

Movie Still from THE BLACK PRINCE
From L to R: Amanda Root, Satinder Sartaaj and Jason Flemyng
On the timing of THE BLACK PRINCE’S digital release, Namrata Singh Gujral, President of UniGlobe Entertainment, says: “Vaisakhi commemorates the formation of the ‘Khalsa Panth’ under Guru Gobind Singh Ji after the execution of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji for refusing to convert to Islam. When I watched the film, I had tears in my eyes. As a Sikh, I felt honored to bring the story of Maharajah Duleep Singh to Sikhs worldwide so our children can learn how our Sikh community of warriors have consistently fought and risen against religious intolerance and the persecution of Sikhs.”

Having secured a coveted Top 10 Box Office spot in the UK during its theatrical release in 2017, THE BLACK PRINCE narrates the true story of one of India’s greatest kings – Maharajah Duleep Singh – who was forced to live as a Christian in Victorian England. The film is a personal account of Maharajah Duleep Singh’s lifelong struggle to reclaim his rightful kingdom back from the British, as he rebelled against religious supremacy, rose against religious persecution and finally returned to his Sikh roots.
Kavi Raz, the film’s director, is thrilled with UniGlobe’s choice of digital release date: “Vaisakhi seemed to be the perfect time to present this film to every Sikh worldwide because Vaisakhi celebrates Sikh heroism and that is what our film does as well.”

THE BLACK PRINCE will be available on digital platforms and DVD on April 10th, with pre-orders available now. Digitally, it can be viewed on Amazon, ITunes, Google Play, Fandango Now, Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBox. DVDs will be distributed on Amazon and the film’s official website.

The film is produced by Firdaus Productions and Brillstein Entertainment Partners in Hollywood, with SAGA Music handling the Punjabi and Hindi digital release (April 10th) and the Punjabi language soundtrack (available now). LA label Ruckus Music will release the English language soundtrack, also on April 10th.

“It is incumbent upon us Sikhs to support these stories that celebrate the Sikh spirit of courage and bravery and showcase the heroic acts of Sikhs for their allegiance to our Sikh identity,” says Gujral. “We hope that on April 10th, Sikhs worldwide will come together to watch this little known piece of Sikh history.”