Deepika Deleted Accounts

Deepika Padukone’s Social Media Posts Deleted

Deepika Padukone shocked everyone when all her posts on her social media handles like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram vanished. Whether all the messages were deleted by her or her accounts were hacked or if this was some other kind of promotion is anybody’s guess. Fans across the world also thought this could be a prank. In the meantime, Deepika shared an audio in her voice, which said, “Hi everyone, welcome to My Audio Diary, a record of my thoughts and feelings. 2020 was a year of uncertainty for everybody but for me, it was also about gratitude and about being present, and for 2021, all I can wish for myself and everybody is good health and peace of mind. Happy New Year.” As her about 100 million followers on all her accounts remain baffled, Deepika is yet to comment on deletion of her posts.