Dia Donation

Dia Mirza Donates 40 at 40!

Dia Mirza will turn 40 on December 9th this year. But, even before her birthday, the actress has made it clear that she wants to dedicate her special day to the families of those forest conservationists who passed away due to Covid-19. Dia will donate Rs 40 lakhs to families affected by the pandemic through Wildlife Trust of India (WTI). Sharing her plans, Dia says, “On my birthday this year, I would like to take the opportunity to request all those who may want to send me flowers or gifts to instead make a donation to WTI to help our VanRakshaks. There could be no better birthday gift! Your gift will help support the bereaved families of India’s ‘Guardians of The Wild’ who lost their lives to Covid-19 while protecting our natural heritage.” Dia is also a brand ambassadress of the organization and is expected to donate Rs 1 lakh every day for 40 days starting on her birthday.