‘Dishoom’ Movie Review


Rohit Dhawan presents brother Varun Dhawan in his second venture, in an all star cast of John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandes & Akshaye Khanna. Does he go for style over substance or is there a bang here?

Desi Boyz had some great songs, one in particular which lead to papa Dhawan making it into a film for Varun and remaining a cult on the dance floor till date, inspite of it coming 5 years ago. The movie however was no great shakes. Dishoom is slightly reverse in that case. There is a nice track, but it wont have the longevity of Main Tera Hero, however this time round Rohit will have a film that will.

Set in a country in Middle East, but promoting Abu Dhabi full on, the film plot is simple, a celebrity gets kidnapped and a Sushma Swaraj inspired MEA Minister, sends in a top cop to find him. Cop doesn’t follow any rules, so uses the help of a rookie to show him around, so they can find the kidnapped victim and save the day. All in 36 hours. Since the film is set in a fictional country, Rohit shows everything he wants to, without actually going through the hassles of political correctness.

This is as simple as it gets and the good part is, Rohit doesn’t try and over complicate things. There is some decent screenplay here along with some bromance and a tribute to Men in Black, with the heroes addressing each other as J & K, Junaid (Varun) & Kabir (John). There is an Ishika (Jacqueline) who provides the love quotient and some very interesting cameos by Nargis Fakhri & Akshay Kumar. Not to forget the brilliant voice over by Satish Kaushik as the trolling prospective father in law. Parineeti in the end credits item song looks good.

What I like about Dishoom is that there is no pretence. Rohit Dhawan aims to be the next Rohit Shetty and in a couple of flicks, might do so too, since he seems to be on the right track. So he has got the action sequences in place. Some really nice chases here, especially the bike chase in fictional Afghanistan. He has enough eye candy in store, with John and Varun stripping down in their neon briefs and Jacqueline and Nargis.

There are no great performances expected in an action masala film. So besides Varun picking up from where he had left in Main Tera Hero, there is only Akshaye Khanna who presents some credible acting. Unfortunately, John’s accident impact shows on him and the continuity, so he is left just giving the stone cold Dwayne Johnson look, breaking into a wry smile occasionally in clothes, two sizes smaller. But his personality is so strong that he creates the right impact on screen.

Jacqueline has done a decent job too and this film will only enhance her already rocking chart.

Since Rohit has done the smart thing of keeping the flick at 124 minutes, you don’t feel it stretched at all. Whilst the first half is really entertaining, the second half pulls you down, then making you question inane things like, logic, realism and motive in it. But by the time you do reach that stage, you have a balding Khanna, being yanked out of his SUV by Dhawan and John in a chopper, asking the pilot, ‘zara side mein le, isko todte hai’. Get the drift.

Since one went with no expectations and the film doesn’t let you build any, you wont come out with disappointment either. It is a time pass action film, to be enjoyed with ‘eye’ candy and popcorn.

Rating : 3/5

By: Yusuf Poonawala

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