Here’s A Fun Fact About Kalki Koechlin!


If you didn’t know, Kalki Koechlin is very much fond of cooking! The actress said, “I cook for an audience, it is like my acting. I don’t cook for myself very often. I do it only if I have a bunch of people. I really like baking. So I love baking tarts and breads.”

Mumbai: Actor Kalki Koechlin during screening of `Ishquiya Dharavi style` a play about love and sexuality performed by Dharavi youth in Mumbai on Feb 20, 2015. (Photo: IANS)


When Kalki is travelling for work she prefers to experiment with her appetite. She explained, “I love to try out local food. Usually you stay at a hotel and their food is pretty generic around the globe. So it is really nice to go out in the local market and visit places. I love Kashmiri food.”

Interesting, right? Who knew Kalki was a cook as well!