Hrithik On Fighter

Hrithik Roshan on ‘Fighter’


Hrithik Roshan joined hands with director Siddharth Anand for ‘Bang Bang’ followed by ‘War’, which released in 2019. The latter big budget flick also starred Tiger Shroff taking on Hrithik and went on to be a hit thanks to their massive fan following. Taking their relation a step further, the team of Hrithik and Siddharth are back with another film titled ‘Fighter’. As the name suggests, this will be another action film coming from their stable. While we had already informed our readers about the film, talking about teaming up again with Siddarth, Hrithik says, “It is extremely exciting. More so because coming back on a set where Sid has seen me being a certain good in ‘War’ drives me to know that this anxiety is because the good has already been done. So it has to be better now.” ‘Fighter’ stars Deepika Padukone opposite Hrithik Roshan.