Hrithik Roshan Nursing An Injury


This Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly what Hrithik ‘Fighter’ Roshan would have expected it to be. While the day may not have panned out the way he wanted, Hrithik is surely receiving love in abundance from everyone including girlfriend Saba Azad. Hrithik injured himself with a pulled muscle. He shared a picture on Instagram where the actor is seen on crutches. Hrithik wrote an interesting post, “Good afternoon. How many of you out there ever needed to be on crutches or on a wheelchair and how did that make you feel?” In a rather long post, he spoke of how his grandfather and father take men as strong and refuse any such medical aid. At the end, Duggu added, “Pulled a muscle yesterday. Woke-up wanting to reach out about this notion of strength. This is, of-course, a bigger conversation, the crutches are just a metaphor. If you get it, you get it.” His girlfriend Saba Azad replied, “My love, you a giant if I ever seen one,” whereas Tiger Shroff wished “get well soon” to him and Varun Dhawan commented, “Heal up.”