‘It is easy to wear a frock and dance but difficult to do action’


John Abraham has established himself as a successful action actor, but the kicks and punches have cost him with a lot of injuries. He says, “I get injured very often, but I signed up for action in many films after all. I don’t dance that often. If I was a dancer, I wouldn’t get injured so often. It is easy to wear a frock and dance but it is difficult to do action.” Elaborating on the long list of injuries, John adds, “I love action and I believe that I am an action hero. Injuries are a part of it. I have had three knee surgeries recently. I have had foot surgeries, I have broken both my hands but I am still fitter, stronger and faster.” Coming up, John has two major action flicks releasing in the form of ‘Rocky Handsome’ and ‘Force 2’ very soon.