Janhvi’s Absence From X


Janhvi Kapoor’s team has recently addressed a growing concern regarding fake X (formerly Twitter) accounts impersonating the actress. Despite the prevalence of such accounts, they clarified that Janhvi Kapoor does not have an official presence on X. “In the digital world, it’s very easy to create an account in anyone’s name. This is to clarify that Janhvi Kapoor has no official account on X. Please refrain from using any information provided by these fake accounts. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,” said her spokesperson in a statement. The rise of fake celebrity profiles remains a significant issue in the digital age often leading to misinformation and confusion among fans. Compounding the problem, some of these false accounts have been verified with blue ticks further complicating identification for followers seeking authentic updates. In response, Kapoor’s spokesperson emphasized the importance of vigilance and recommended verifying sources before trusting information online.