Javed Akhtar Trolled

Javed Akhtar gets trolled on Twitter


Javed Akhtar was got trolled recently after the lyricist allegedly supported a fatwa. Some mosques in India are still open despite the lockdown and people are gathering in hordes. Trying to offer a solution to this, Akhtar said, “Tahir Mehmood, a scholar and the ex-chairman of the minority commission, has asked Darul Uloom Deoband to issue a fatwa to close all the mosques till corona crisis. I totally support his demand. If Kaaba and the mosque in Medina can be closed down, why not Indian mosques?” The trolls pointed out that he was supporting a fatwa, hence Akhtar had to clarify, “I have supported this demand for a fatwa to make these ulema commit their point of view on such gatherings. I have never followed them and never will.”