Jugal Hansraj to be published by HarperCollins


The journey of a timid young Prince as he learns that true bravery lies within one’s own heart and should be used to create peace, not war. Talking about this acquisition, Jugal Hansraj says, “Honoured and thrilled to be a part of the HarperCollins India family. Looking forward to my novel ‘The Coward and the Sword’ being published under their umbrella, and to my association with them.”

Tina Narang, Publisher – HarperCollins Children’s Books says, “Delighted that Jugal Hansraj, the child star etched in our minds from the memorable ‘Masoom’, went on to not just a successful acting career and film direction, but also to writing commendably for children and we are keenly looking forward to publishing him at HarperCollins.”

‘The Coward and the Sword’ is about The Kingdom of Kofu, ruled over by the benevolent and brave King Rissho and his charming wife Queen Kanito, is a peaceful and happy one. Its people are resourceful, and more importantly, just like their beloved King, courageous. Well, all except one. Prince Kadis, the young sixteen-year-old heir, is anything but that. Kadis, quite simply, is a coward. Scared and anxious of almost every possible thing, he confines himself to his room for most of his young life. He prefers to stare dreamily out of his window, and wonder why he can’t be brave like the rest of his family and the people of his Kingdom. Until one day, a seemingly chance encounter with his wise old uncle Shonin, changes his life completely. He soon learns of the troubled history of Kofu and the impending clouds of war looming over them. Thus begins the adventure of the timid and shy Prince, and his two young friends, as they embark on an epic trip into the enemy Kingdom of Molonga. As soldiers of peace, they are armed with nothing but noble intentions and a family heirloom, the mystical sword of Kofu. Will they succeed in ending the decade-old conflict between the two Kingdoms? Will peace win against war? Prince Kadis knows that the answers can only be found within his own heart.

Keep watching this space for the release date and further announcements.