Kangana Visits Cellular Jail


Kangana Ranaut recently visited a jail for a special occasion. This actress has nothing to do with the on-going controversial drugs case or the celebrities related to it. The visit was rather for one of her upcoming films ‘Tejas’. Kangana jetted off to the Andaman And Nicobar Islands where director Sarvesh Mewara has scheduled the next shoot of ‘Tejas’. Apart from the warm welcome that she received on landing, Kangana visited the Cellular Jail where famous freedom fighters were lodged during India’s independence struggle. “On arriving in Andaman island, I visited Veer Savarkar’s cell at Kala Pani, Cellular Jail, Port Blair. I was shaken to the core… when inhumanity was at its peak even humanity rose to its peak in the form of Savarkar ji and looked it in the eye, faced every cruelty with resistance and determination,” said Kangana. The actress will be seen as a fighter pilot in the film.