Karan Johar proud to be an Indian filmmaker


Karan Johar opened up about the lack of freedom of speech in the country at the Jaipur Litfest. At the cost of facing backlash, the filmmaker says, “For our films, we must take all kinds of opinions, feedback and criticism in the right way. Similarly, if I have an opinion, you could agree with it or disagree with it. It is my prerogative to have an opinion and your prerogative to agree or to disagree. I firmly believe in that.” While KJo had said that he was scared of speaking about anything in this nation, the filmmaker now adds that he is proud to be in a country like India. “We are filmmakers, entertainers, but that does not mean that we don’t have our thoughts and opinions. At times we tend to speak out on some platform. I am proud to be a filmmaker, proud to be a filmmaker in India. I am proud that I have a voice because I am a filmmaker and I hope I continue to have that voice,” concludes Karan.