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Kartik Aaryan had a tough time preparing for Chandu Champion

Kartik Aaryan is known to tickle audiences’ funny bones with his line of films. But in a surprising turn of events, Kartik delved into the world of extreme adventure sports this time for his upcoming film ‘Chandu Champion’, a high-octane thriller. The electrifying trailer recently dropped, showcasing the actor in an adrenaline-pumping avatar never seen before on screen. Reflecting on his journey to become the character in this serious flick, Kartik shared, “Preparing for ‘Chandu Champion’ was a thrilling challenge. I had to learn wrestling, boxing and swimming – three completely different sports. Working on this film has made me push my limits, but I embraced the hard work and discipline. Mastering each sport was tough, but it made the role even more rewarding. I’m excited for everyone to see the dedication and efforts that went into bringing Murlikant to life.” The Kabir Khan directorial is slated to release on 14 June.