I would like to imbibe Kareena’s professionalism


Sara Ali Khan is still taking baby steps in the entertainment industry as she faced the media at the launch of her debut film ‘Kedarnath’s’ trailer. Keen to imbibe her step-mother Kareena Kapoor’s qualities, Sara said, “Kareena is highly professional in her work and she is an amazing person. I would like to imbibe her professionalism.” As ‘Kedarnath’ gears up to hit the screens, Sara’s acting talent is being compared to Janhvi Kapoor the other debutante of the year. “All of us are here to do our jobs and we are really no one to decide. Janhvi was fantastic and everyone has loved her work. God willing I hope everyone enjoys my work too,” quipped Sara when the journalists drew her attention to the direct comparison with Janhvi.