‘Mohenjo Daro’ Movie Review


Ashutosh Gowariker makes his third periodical after he seems to have realized that this is his true calling. But will it call in the audiences from Monday?

Simple man Sarman, with a Greek God physique, gets a dream of a unicorn and decides to visit a town he is forbidden by his uncle. But then the film would have been called Amri. So he decides to visit this hyped city of greed and yet the epitome of the civilization, Mohenjo Daro.

Apparently Gowariker had met with around 7 archaeologists, supposedly experts on the Mohenjo Daro excavations. Wonder why then you don’t see 7 such things in the movie, which is not available on Wikipedia?

Honestly, one is thankful for the length of only 150 minutes, cos it could have been easily 180, knowing the director’s penchant for long films. Sadly, there is nothing new to offer here.

Hrithik as fighting fit, pitted against animals and over sized villains in fight pits has been done in their earlier venture too. Only the outfits changed.

Pooja Hegde is supposed to be the Sindhu Maa ka Vardaan, but does nothing besides pouting in bustiers which apparently were way beyond their times.

Kabir Bedi though menacing, reminds one of the Asterix era, making everything around comical. So does Arunoday Singh.

In terms of historical accuracy, that can be hugely debated. For one, horses were brought in by the Aryans, so again not there during this set up.

Reason why I mention all this, is because that was the only reason besides Hrithik that people would want to see this film. Rest there is nothing new in script and screenplay. But somehow, barring few sets here and there, an overdose of animal headgear, listless music and uninspired performances by all.

It doesn’t help that somehow Hrithik hasn’t been having a good run in the public image since some time, but that is momentary only. Somehow the film gives him no platform to shine. Just float in the senselessness of things around.

The director should have done a radical change here, something what Mel Gibson did with Apocalypto. Yes, tedious for the interiors but that would come across a game changer. Imagine Hrithik mouthing an ancient language in that rustic set up. But guess, Bollywood still has a long way to go for such a risk by the studios.

Die hard fans will definitely go and see Hrithik, but there is nothing new in the film which one blames the director only. Besides, the long weekend is going to be good excuse for people to visit this site.


By: Yusuf Poonawala