‘The Mummy’ Movie Review


We all have been fed by the 1999, Brendan Fraser/ Rachel Weisz, Mummy; a Indiana Jones style comedy/ horror film, which let loose ancient evil spirits in its first 2 installments, leading to the launch of today’s highest paid actor, Dwayne Johnson, in its Scorpion King spin off. The fact that they failed in its labored third part, led to the demise of a hell lot of fun.

Rebooting the franchisee, in an attempt to create a parallel world to Marvel and DC now, Universal brings Dark Universe, an attempt to reboot and rejoin its own horror monsters, starting off with Dr. Jekyll in this film.

Yes, it does mean that they have planned many more in this line and like DC will not stop at initial disasters. So be prepared.

The Mummy is trying to be something for all and lands up being nothing for anyone. it is a horror film, inspired by part Indi Jones, part Zombieland, part Marvel’s Avengers. In the end, it is a overstretched film, which lands up being as confused as Tom Cruise’s expressions on rising from the dead!

Till the interval, one is willing to play along due to the intrigue built up and the fantastic flight sequence, coupled with Cruise’s enthused energy. But once they reach London, all things go south. There is no logical explanation to anything, why is Russell Crowe behaving in this fashion, why does Sofia Boutella, land up seeming as confused as Cruise himself? What was Anabelle’s actual agenda?

Am sorry, but for all its money spent and the promise of a series coming up in the future, this was a colossal waste of time and money. Neither did you feel scared, nor excited about whats happening on screen. You came back from the cinema hall, INDIFFERENT.

That’s the worst one can say about an adventure film, starring Tom Cruise.

RATING : 1/5

By: Yusuf Poonawala