Pooja Bedi Tests Positive But Refuses Vaccine


Pooja Bedi informed her followers on Instagram that she has tested positive for Covid-19. The actress also revealed that she chooses to not take the vaccine against the virus and wants to naturally build immunity against it. “Covid-19 positive! I have finally been diagnosed as Covid-19 positive. I chose/choose to stay unvaccinated as it’s my personal decision to allow my own natural immunity, alternative healing and wellness practices to accelerate my healing. You do what’s right for you. Each to their own. Caution, not panic.” As a matter of precaution, the model-actress is consuming sugarcane juice, ‘kaadha’ with many herbs and doing other home remedies to stay fit. Pooja Bedi said that her businessman-fiancé Maneck Contractor had also tested positive for the virus and has not taken the vaccine.