‘Raid’ Movie Review


After a five year hiatus, Raj Kumar Gupta directs again…

The debacle of Ghanchakkar, has cost the talened director 5 years to make a comeback. He uses two of the best actors in the trade to deliver his 128 minute drama, RAID.

Let me tell you where the film suffers, its way too long post interval, has two songs too many in the same segment, the romantic song and the climax song both could have been easily done away with, cos they only make the film look clunky. Yes poor Ileana D’cruz does have a minimalistic role which would have been down by a song, but atleast would have made the film faster.

Post interval, things seem to go pat, at times, all in the name of cinematic liberties. The gumption that Tauji had no clue what was happening in his house, especially two lunch table scenes, which show his power, authority, fear and control over this extended family members, seems a little off.

The first half is exactly where Gupta scores, in building up the tension between the two characters of Patnaik and Tauji, all surrounded by their respective entourage, all in the confines of a huge mansion called Whitehouse.

Ajay is at his usual best in an intense, brooding, intrepid income tax officer. Amit Sial as Lallan and Pushpa Joshi as Amma are the real scene stealers from the entire supporting cast.

The film, literally belongs to Saurabh Shukla. His arrogant, entitled, ferocious take on the character of a powerful man gone dry is simply brilliant. His entire quest for his Vibhishan and the fact that all his power in the world couldn’t give him the authority over the tax man is brilliant.

Ritesh Shah’s writing is brilliant in the first half but it is his handling of the climax which falters.

Overall, a definitely must watch film, just for the game of one upmanship played by arrogance and confidence between Shukla and Devgn.

RATING : 3/5

By: Yusuf Poonawala