Rajinikanth dons a 12 kg costume for 2.0


Rajinikanth will be seen playing multiple characters, of Dr Vaseegaran, Chitti 2.0 and giant Chitti, in his upcoming release ‘2.0’. The actor has put in a lot of effort for the sci-fi film, which includes hours of dressing up and heavy costumes. “During Delhi’s climax shoot, Rajinikanth sir was not in good health. But despite being unwell, he braced the temperature of 47 degrees, and put on a costume weighing 12 kilos to complete the shoot. Despite being injured, he finished his scenes before heading to the hospital,” says director Shankar. ‘2.0’ is a much-awaited sequel of the year 2018. The ‘Robot’ sequel will make its way to big screen on November 29.