Ranbir In Aamir Produced Campeones?

If this turns out to be true then it is big. After Salman Khan couldn’t do the ‘Campeones’ (Champions, when translated from Spanish) Hindi remake, Ranbir Kapoor has been approached for the film apparently. Aamir Khan is the producer of this big-ticket project but has denied that he will also act in the film. Aamir has purchased the rights to officially remake the film in Hindi and had approached Salman Khan to play the lead. The latter though could not come on board due to date issues and the flick went on hold. Now Aamir has knocked on Ranbir Kapoor’s doors to star in the Hindi adaptation of ‘Campeones’. Aamir has been toying with the idea of making this film for about a year now. It is said that Ranbir has even liked the narration and is ready to come on-board, just the official announcement is awaited. Aamir wants to release this film in 2024.