Ranveer Singh dubs for Deadpool 2


As ‘Deadpool 2’ gears up to release in India, the makers, Fox Star Studios, have roped in Ranveer Singh to dub for the quirky superhero in Hindi. Fox wanted a star who would resonate with Deadpool’s personality and Ranveer’s wit and edgy personality were a perfect match. ‘Deadpool 2’ has already created massive buzz around the globe with its witty dialogues and outrageous action sequences. The film and the Hindi trailer will be A-rated as they will stick to the tone and irreverence of the English film, which has Ryan mouthing cuss-words, to heighten the impact of humour and the style of story-telling that Deadpool is known for. Ranveer has added his own chutzpah to the Hindi film, which will release on May 18.