Rizwan Sikander Raps ‘Roadie Hoon Main’


Mumbai, India (July 13) – He has gone from a reality television star to a recoding artist, but ties the two world together with his new single. Rizwan Sikander releases Roadie Hoon Main as his debut song in association with DesiHipHop Inc. DesiHipHop Inc is the #1 Brand and Digital Media Platform empowering South Asian Hip-Hop globally.

After being selected in a round of auditions in Pune, Rizwan Sikander landed himself a spot on the MTV India series Roadies X2. The toughest and fittest of the nation were assembled into 4 gangs and they competed each week to prove their worth on the show. Sikander was chosen by leader Karan Kundra and the pairing proved successful.

Rizwan Sikander was the last standing member of “Gang Karan” and made it to the finale of the show. “This Roadies experience pushed me and taught me so much. The once in a lifetime opportunity is now the fuel for my next project,” Sikander says.

While on the road in Nepal shooting and competing in Roadies, Rizwan Sikander wrote down his thoughts and quickly realized he had written a rap. He began playing the lyrics and the flow on his song and knew that this was his moment to explore the realm of music.

“I have always listened to music, been surrounded by incredible talent, and wanted to take part in a project but knew it would boil down to timing and a team.” Rizwan Sikander took his lyrics to Chandigarh where he spent time in the studio with Mr. VGrooves and Sarang Sikander. Before the boys knew it, they had created a song and conceptualized the video.

The hook “one in a million” carries this video as Rizwan Sikander showcases some of his fitness tricks and stunts including his now famous “Human Flag.” “I want people to enjoy the song, be motivated to get up and move, and just support my next move,” Sikander says as he presents his debut Roadie Hoon Main.

Rizwan Sikander promises Roadie Hoon Main is just the beginning for his move to rap, but will not neglect his passion for acting.