Salman Khan Denies Getting Huge Paycheck For BB16

Once again, Salman Khan is gearing up to play the host on one of the most watched reality shows on TV, Bigg Boss. As the show entered its 16th season, it was rumoured that Salman Khan was getting a whopping Rs 1,000 crore to host the show. Fully aware of the same, Salman said, “I was going to return the money; I didn’t get only.” Since the amount seems something unheard of in the entertainment world, it was again put up to the star whether it was really true. Salman replied, “If I would have got this amount, I wouldn’t work for the rest of my life. But there will come a day when I will be paid this much. And even if I have really got this, I have so many such expenses like lawyer’s fees and all…,” tongue-in-cheek. In a passing mention later, Salman said that his Bigg Boss 16 fees was not even one-fourth of what was being reported.