Saroj Khan on Ganesh Acharya’s parallel dance association

Bollywood’s oldest association for dancers the Cine Dancers Association (CDA) and the newly formed All India Film Television Events Dancers Association (AIFTEDA) have been at the loggerheads for few months now. Since senior choreographer Ganesh Acharya formed AIFTEDA in spite of CDA’s existence, both the associations have been criticising each other.

Veteran choreographer Saroj Khan has been appointed as the brand ambassador of CDA whereas Ganesh Acharya serves as the general secretary of IFTCA (indian film and television choreographer association)and acharya is taking advantage of his post and instigating other choreographers to use AIFTEDA members not CDA.According to the senior members of CDA, Ganesh Acharya who once said that he would support CDA all his life, suddenly opened AIFTEDA.

Some dancers from CDA have also alleged that there is pressure from the rival association, and whoever are joining AIFTEDA have been asked to sign an affidavit agreeing to whatever payment given by Ganesh Acharya. Acharya can be seen explaining why this new association was needed in some videos on YouTube.

When asked about the controversy, veteran choreographer and the brand ambassador of CDA Saroj Khan said, “Ganesh Acharya and his father were also part of Cine Dancers Association then why the attempts of breaking the association are being made? It will affect the livelihood of so many workers.” When asked about the show Ganesh Acharya is planning to do with Bollywood stars and its funds to be used for AIFTEDA members’ welfare, Saroj Khan said, “I was called for an Iftca meeting after I became CDA Brand Ambassador. In the meeting I said that why the show’s money is going to your foundation and not CDA which is the oldest association of dancers?”

CDA has previously questioned how the money generated from the star-studded event will be monitored. CDA has a proper wage chart that is honoured by all producers and dancers are paid INR 4500 per shift. The CDA is fully functional, the dancers are getting paid on time and all their issues are getting addressed by CDA.

CDA Brand Ambassador Saroj Khan addressed the media along with Zahid Sheikh – President, CDA, Ravi Kanwar – General Secretary, CDA, Janet Nazareth and Varsha Kapkar, Committee Members, CDA on Ganesh Acharya’s formation of a parallel dance association about the Ganesh Acharya and AIFTEDA controversy in a press conference at a suburban location.