Screen Award trophy becomes Vishal Mishra’s birthday gift

Birthdays are special for all of us, but it was extra special for composer-singer Vishal Mishra because he received a special present on his important day.  As he celebrated his birthday on December 8, Vishal won the Star Screen Award for Best Music Album of the year for Kabir Singh.
His songs Kaise Hua and Pehla Pyaar won the hearts of music aficionados soon after release. Apart from garnering praise on various music streaming platforms, Vishal also received personal notes from music lovers about how much his songs touched their hearts. Now, winning an award from his work is like a reiteration of the fact that his work has been appreciated across the board.
Soon after receiving the gong, an elated Vishal said, “Kabir Singh has been among the most special projects I’ve worked on. Both Kaise Hua & Pehla Pyar were organic and were made from the heart. I wanted both the songs to come out in a way that one can love the idea of falling in love. As soon as the tracks released, I couldn’t believe the amount of love they garnered. For any composer / singer , a song they make is like their baby, and to see my compositions rule the hearts and charts alike was gratifying. Now, winning the prestigious Star Screen Award for Best Music Album of the year feels really amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present.
Sung by Vishal himself, Kaise Hua is a love ballad that continues to rank high on the music charts even six months after release. Pehla Pyaar was composed by Vishal and sung by Armaan Malik.

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