Sonnallli Seygall reveals the secret behind her fabulous body


Sonnalli Seygall, who’s currently enjoying the success of her film ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2’ has been receiving several compliments not only for her performance but also for her well-toned and sexy figure. The gorgeous actress reveals that she takes to several vibrant dance routines such as Jazz and Kathak as part of her fitness regime but the one she enjoys the most is Belly Dancing.

Sonnalli’s latest film saw her donning a bikini at a holiday sequence in the film and the former Miss India (International) certainly sizzled on screen, flaunting her flawless figure. The actress recently also showed off some sexy belly dancing moves for a television show. She says “Belly dancing is certainly the most exciting part of my fitness regime. The best thing is I don’t need to go anywhere to practice. All I need is good music and I am sorted.”

The actress learnt the dance form during her ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2’ training days and practices it consistently ever since. Needless to say, Sonnalli loves going to the gym and follows her workout sessions strictly. She also reveals that she doesn’t shy away from a piece of mithai every now and then and eats everything as long as she’s maintaining the balance with healthy food and loads of water in her diet. It was also reported earlier that she received fitness tips from none other than Salman Khan.

With that fabulous body and strong determination, Sonnalli is sure making all the right noise in Bollywood!