Sunny Deol On Success Of ‘Gadar 2’


Sunny Deol has brought a huge storm at the box office with ‘Gadar 2’ earning Rs 134.88 crore in just three days. Reacting to the success of the film, Sunny shared, “The field has been empty for 22 years, no one was making such films. We arrived with ‘Gadar 2’ and it worked wonders at the box office. We had to achieve the success of ‘Gadar’ and we did.” Dharmendra too stepped out to watch the movie and when asked about the veteran actor’s review of ‘Gadar 2’, son Sunny added, “‘Papa ko kuch kehna nahi hota. Papa bas ek jhappi daal denge, hass denge’. (Dad never says anything, he just hugs and smiles).” With the upcoming extended weekend of Independence Day, ‘Gadar 2’ is expected to score over Rs 200 crore.