Sunny Didn’t Like Rajveer Pursuing Acting


Three newcomers – Rajveer Deol, Paloma Dhillon and Avnish S Barjatya are making their debuts with a single film titled ‘Dono’. While Rajveer is Sunny Deol’s younger son, Paloma is actress Poonam Dhillon’s daughter and Avnish is director-producer Sooraj Barjatya’s son. But before jumping into the world of acting, Rajveer said that his parents were sceptical, “My parents hated the fact that I am becoming an actor. They always wished that I should have studied or done something else in life. Because this line is so unpredictable. My dad got a hit after 22 years. Unfortunately, I just fell in love with acting.” Since ‘Dono’ is releasing on October 5th, the star son was talking at the trailer launch event. The film talks about the journey of two strangers travelling to a common destination.