Taapsee Spends The Day Blindfolded

Taapsee Pannu is blurring the line between reality and imagination. The actress is getting deep into the skin of her character for her upcoming film ‘Blurr’. To get the portrayal right, Taapsee decided to stay blindfolded for 12 long hours on the sets of the film. She believes that by doing so, the actress will be able to portray her role of Gayatri better after experiences some elements in person. “Taapsee was determined to feel the sentiments of her character. She decided to stay blindfolded for 12 hours. From morning 7 am, she kept a cotton strap folded on her eyes and went ahead to do all her daily routine in the same condition,” reveals a source straight from the set. It must be noted that ‘Blurr’ is Taapsee’s first foray into production and the film is directed by Ajay Bahl.