This Is What Happened Backstage During IIFA 2015!


IIFA 2015 left its mark across Malaysia, as the award show entertained hundreds of thousands of their passionate fans! AVS was able to get exclusive backstage access for parts of the main award show, so here is a firsthand account of what went down behind the scenes and before/after the event.


The only word to describe backstage is chaotic! With the local staff running in a frenzy to make sure the stage is properly set and the security insuring no outsider blocks the hallways that the stars come through, the backstage area is full of commotion. The personal teams from India make sure all the stars’ needs are met throughout the 6-hour long show.


When you watch these stage shows on TV, it’s hard to believe that the stars and background dancers change their outfits so quickly – but they are actually able to do it! The dancers are usually dressed in several layers and frantically run during the performances to swap outfits from his/her suitcase backstage.


Celebrities have their own personal rooms to get ready with their glam squad. Even when the stars walk from their room onto the stage, 4-5 bodyguards, their hairstylist, makeup artist and assistant escort them.


There are huge screens backstage as well, so the actors and singers can see what’s happening on stage as well! Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor were both cheering and clapping while everyone performed, while Shraddha Kapoor and Anushka Sharma were both spotted practicing their moves before they went up on stage to ensure fantastic performances.


All in all, it was definitely a night to remember! It’s crazy to think that all of this happens behind the scenes in order to create an unforgettable show.