‘Akira’ Movie Review


The maker of Ghajini and Holiday, presents a remake of the 2011 flick, wanting to do with Sonakshi what Prabhudheva has failed at. Does he?

To keep this simple here goes.

Sonakshi is sleepwalking in the movie, in which she thought she will be the lady Singham/ Sultan/ Ghajini combined. As a result, it seems she has gone in a time lapse and is re-enacting one of her father’s films from the 80s, wherein he would be the oppressed fighting the corrupt system.

Konkona Sensharma, playing a pregnant cop, Rabiya Sultan, moves on aimlessly trying to ‘uncover’ truth. Wonder why?

Atul Kulkarni must be cursing his stars, to play a cameo in a film as contrived and ill planned as this.

The only reason, one should watch this flick, that too when it comes for free on TV in a couple of months, is Anurag Kashyap. He brings a sense of eerie panache, gleefully laughing at his false bravado, which makes you squirm in your seat. Unfortunately, his presence reduces drastically in the second half, when the film moves to the 80s plot of a mental asylum, forgotten relatives and the spirit of the woman who can fight cops even when drugged. Why? Because she is the protagonist. Had it been an Anurag film, the lady would have had hell to pay and been left in pieces, with only a ring finger to identify her.

Such is the rubbish the director has witness and then expect us to appreciate.

A wasted attempt by the makers to make Sonakshi an all-out action star and poor attempt by Sonakshi, wherein everything about her, from looks to fights, seem fake.



By: Yusuf Poonawala