MUMBAI, INDIA FEBRUARY 24: Shahid Kapoor flaunts his new hair style.(Photo by Milind Shelte/India Today Group/Getty Images)

Shahid Kapoor too happy with Padmaavat release


Despite all the controversy including life threats, bans and burning of theaters, ‘Padmaavat’ finally made it on screen after the Supreme Court ruling. The film’s leading man, Shahid Kapoor is glad and cannot keep calm. “We are extremely happy and it is difficult to express our happiness. The film has been made keeping in mind Rajput valor and their honor. They have been glorified in the right way. I think people should watch the movie with an optimistic point of view,” says the actor. Critics have been showering praises on the film and Shahid adds that the reviews have added more cheer to the flick.

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