ABHISHEK Telugu Remake

Abhishek Not Finalized For Hindi Remake


Bollywood was buzzing about the news that Abhishek Bachchan and Shalini Pandey were approached for a movie. The film in question was the Hindi remake of the Tamil hit ‘Oh My Kadavule’. The film is based on two childhood friends, their future leading to marriage, divorce and what happens thereafter. Since Abhishek and Shalini’s pair was something nobody would have imagined, the news of it spread like wildfire. But as disappointing as it may get for their fans, the official spokesperson for the film has denied this saying, “We would like to clarify that the news is untrue. As of now the makers are on the scripting stage and no actors have been finalised for the project.” ‘Oh My Kadavule’ was directed by Ashwath Marimuthu.