Sarfira Trailer Released

Akshay Kumar’s ‘Sarfira’ Trailer Out


Akshay Kumar is gearing up to captivate audiences once again with his upcoming film ‘Sarfira’. Since its announcement, the film’s creators have been teasing fans with exciting updates culminating in the recent release of the trailer. The ‘Sarfira’ trailer opens with Kumar’s character burdened by debt, yet determined to launch a startup he passionately believes in. His journey takes him to the city, where he pitches the revolutionary idea of a low-cost airline to aviation magnate Paresh Rawal. Despite initial resistance and advice to return to simpler pursuits like farming, Kumar’s character resolves to shatter not only financial barriers but also societal divides, aspiring to make air travel accessible to all. Releasing the trailer online, production house Abundantia Entertainment said, “‘Sapne woh nahi jo aap sote hue dekhte hain. Sapne woh hote hain jo aapko sone hi nahi dete. Ek aise hi sapne ki kahani hai ‘Sarfira’’. Trailer out now. ‘Sarfira’ releases only in cinemas on July 12th 2024.” The video showcases Akshay’s unwavering resolve to surmount challenges and turn dreams of ordinary people into reality.