Alia’s Net Worth Reaches $100 million


2024 has started on a good note for actress Alia Bhatt. That she is one of the top actresses in current times is known to all. But fans can also note that Alia’s net worth has increased by as much as 51 percent since 2019. As per industry estimates, her brand value in 2019 was 68 million dollars, which rose to as much as almost USD 103 million by 2022. The figures for the last year are still awaited. With this, Alia has breached the coveted USD 100 million mark. Interestingly, this was also one of the top questions asked by Indians on the virtual assistant Alexa in the year 2023. Estimates suggest that Alia commands as much Rs 20 crore per film whereas roping her in for a brand endorsement might cost Rs 1 crore to Rs 2 crore.