Anil Kapoor Safeguards Personality Rights


A first of its kind, versatile actor Anil Kapoor has taken legal action to safeguard his publicity and personality rights. The actor filed a suit in the Delhi High Court requesting a permanent injunction against the unauthorized use of his name, voice, signature, image or any attribute exclusively linked to him for commercial or personal gain without his consent. Sharing this, Kapoor says, “I had filed a suit in the Delhi high Court through my lawyer for protection of my personality rights including my name, image, likeness, voice and other attributes of my personality against any misuse including on digital media.” Anil Kapoor received a favorable verdict as well from the honourable court. “The court, after a detailed hearing, has granted an order acknowledging my personality rights and restraining all offenders from misusing my personality attributes including my name, image, likeness, voice etc without my permission in any manner including through artificial intelligence, deep fakes, GIFs etc,” he adds. On the work front, AK has a comedy film ‘Thank You For Coming’ releasing on 6 October.