Anupam Kher’s Office Burglarized


Two alleged burglars reportedly targeted actor Anupam Kher’s office in Mumbai where they broke into the premises and made off with an entire safe placed in the accounts department. The safe contained valuable items, including negatives of a film produced by the actor’s company. Kher shared details of the incident on social media posting a video showing the damage to the office door in Andheri. He expressed concern over the break-in stating, “My office team captured this video before the police arrived!” The latch on the door was visibly damaged, indicating forced entry. “Last night, two intruders broke through two doors of our office on Veera Desai Road,” he recounted, and added, “They managed to take the entire safe from our accounts department, which they likely couldn’t open, along with a box containing film negatives produced by our company.” Kher reassured followers that an FIR had been lodged and the police were confident of apprehending the culprits soon. CCTV footage reportedly captured the thieves leaving the scene in an auto-rickshaw with their loot.